Kanot students

Youth Villages

Na’amat runs two youth villages (boarding schools) – in the rural towns of Ayanot and Kanot. Together the schools serve a diverse population of over 1,000 students, many of whom come from underprivileged families. The students regard these schools as a second home, and a place of learning and socializing.

Both schools were founded to teach newly-arrived Jewish immigrants how to work the land. Today, they focus on giving disadvantaged students the tools they need to succeed, while making a positive contribution to Israeli society.

Along with traditional agriculture and farming programs, Ayanot and Kanot offer courses in veterinary, criminology and police studies, in addition to all subjects needed for the matriculation exams and a high school diploma. Students are offered one-on-one and group tutoring as needed to achieve their academic goals.

The schools have seen many successes, including higher than average academic excellence, and achievements in athletic and science competitions. Matriculations at Kanot have increased dramatically since the opening of the junior high school six years ago. Read more here to read about our capital campaign in support of Kanot’s expansion.

Kanot is also planning an exciting program to bring together STEAM education, aviation and space exploration.

As they learn new skills and get encouragement from teachers and peers, these young people gain pride in themselves and hope for the future.


An interview with Kanot Youth Village senior students as part of the US Convention tour in Southern Israel. This unique and wonderful place, its special programs, and the personal stories of students who see it as home are all truly inspiring.  Join the Na’amat USA delegates as they hear first-hand how students feel about their school:


Sandi Seigel, president of Na’amat Canada, speaks about her trip to Kanot: