Kanot Expansion Project


The Kanot Youth Village has seen great success in graduating high school students who continue on to careers of their choice and contribute meaningfully to Israeli society. In 2015, it became apparent that students in need of the special features of a Kanot education, would benefit significantly if they entered sooner, at age 12 (grade 7). Therefore, the middle school (grades 7, 8, and 9) was added. At that time, to accommodate the increase in enrollment, Na’amat Canada, thanks to our generous donors, was instrumental in funding:

  • extension of the dining room with stage
  • new fitness room
  • additional new dormitories

Today, there are 700 students at Kanot, 350 of whom are middle school students, ages 12-15. More than half of the middle school students live in the school dormitories with full room and board. The middle school classrooms are currently in temporary trailers on the site. These learning spaces are inadequate and do not allow for the innovative education that takes place at Kanot.

Na’amat Israel has announced that construction will soon begin for a new middle school building at Kanot. Na’amat Canada has committed to help fund this exciting expansion project in the term 2020-2023. 

Features of the new middle school building:

  • Classrooms, studios, auditorium, staff room, bathrooms to accommodate grades 7-9 
  • Building design created to support state-of-the-art pedagogical theory: student-centered, team-based learning with an emphasis on communication skills, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), and social skills.
  • Learning spaces are open, enclosed, or half-enclosed depending on their purpose.
  • Dedicated areas for group work, art, music, photography, robotics
  • Outdoor learning spaces in the rural setting of the school

The Kanot educational leaders have envisioned this project as a “school for the future”. Their dedication to the students is exemplary. Na’amat Canada will help this dream come true! 

Watch the concept video below: