Domestic Violence Shelter & Counselling Centres

Domestic Violence Support and Prevention

Over 200,000 battered women and half a million children in Israel are exposed to domestic violence each year. The Na’amat Centre for Prevention of Violence in the Family in Tel Aviv (the Glickman Centre) has aided thousands of these victims. Our centre provides legal counselling, runs support groups for battered wives and provides rehabilitation services for battering husbands with the co-operation of the authorities. Na’amat tries to break the cycle of violence by changing the patterns of behaviour where possible, and when not, helps to find alternatives for the victims of the violence. Na’amat reaches out to the community teaching how to identify abusive relationships and situations.


The Na’amat Canada Glickman Centre for Family Violence Prevention

domestic-1The Glickman Centre, established in 1993 as the first women’s shelter in Israel, is made up of three distinct sections: the Shelter, the Counselling and Treatment Centre and the Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch Multipurpose Children’s Centre wing, a safe haven for children living in the shelter. The Centre was funded by the Tel Aviv Municipality Foundation and Na’amat Canada.


Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch Children's Centre

The smallest victims of violence, the children living living at the Glickman Centre, have a place to play - The Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch Children's Activity Centre. This wing of the shelter houses a computer room, a baby nursery, a kindergarten, an audio-visual education corner, a library, a learning centre, and an outdoor playground. Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch z”l was a dynamic third generation Na'amat member who made a personal commitment to building a safe and loving environment for the children who needed it most. While she is no longer with us, Rhodie was the catalyst behind this ground breaking project that Na'amat Canada has now built, in her memory.