Supplies for Women’s Shelters

To reflect the work that is done at the Na'amat Canada Glickman Centre, women's rights centres and other Na'amat installations in Israel, certain branches of Na'amat Canada have instituted these social service projects, aiming to fulfill essential needs for local women and their families.


Toiletries for Women's Shelters

It is a triumph for an abused woman to have the strength and courage to escape from their dangerous living environment in search of refuge. Unfortunately many victims of abuse are only able to flee in the dead of night with just the clothes on their backs. Throughout the year, Na'amat Canada Toronto's Club Aviva collects donated toiletries and cosmetics from Na'amat Canada members and friends. Volunteers package these products up and distribute them to women's shelters every few months. These toiletries include soap, shampoo, conditioner, disposable razors, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other basic necessities that the victims of violence might not have the opportunity to take with them when they leave their homes.