Na'amat - A Worldwide Movement

Just as our vision for "tikkun olam" has no boundaries, our membership is also global, with sister organizations in eight other countries around the world. Na’amat branches can be found in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Peru, the United States and Uruguay. Together with Na’amat Israel, we are united under the banner of Na’amat International.  We meet in person and online to collaborate, network and share ideas as we raise funds for a common cause. With the advent of advanced communication technologies, we now participate together in global programs and holiday celebrations.

Na’amat International is  affiliated  with the World Zionist Organization. Representatives from Na’amat Canada are invited to attend the WZO Congress held annually in Israel.

Na’amat Canada has signed the Na’amat World Movement Declaration of Solidarity and Support (2015) for the State of Israel and the Na’amat movement. In this declaration we pledged to “…. work resolutely and tirelessly in the spirit of equality, democracy, and social justice.”