Some Winnipeg area events are in person (using Covid 19 protocols).   Other events have been changed to an online format.   Stay tuned and we'll update you as soon as we have additional information.  For more information - please send an email to 

Local Projects

Na'amat Winnipeg is collecting clothing and money to support the Winnipeg Sexual Assault Counselling Program (SACP) through Klinic Community Health. Their workers visit over 300 victims of sexual assault in local area hospitals every year. Part of their hospital support program is to provide a change of clothing to the victims.

Upcoming Events:

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Photographs taken at any virtual or in person event may be used in Na’amat Canada and partner organization print, online publications and Social Media.

Past Events

Tea Tasting: Friends Sharing the Experience of New Flavours

Tea is an infusion associated with warmth, peaceful moments and good health. For Bob Krull, Winnipeg's Cornelia Bean tea store owner, tea is also

teaabout passion, enthusiasm and friendship. What better reasons why this steamy beverage should not just be consumed on frozen winter days-- but during the whole year 'round!

That is why a nice group of women, new to Na'amat, along with some Hatikvah members, met on a summer evening. Mr. Krull brought a selection of products that are not readily available at your local supermarket, in order to provide an interesting taste experience for the group. This included blends of fresh, natural products.

We learned that it is extremely important to teach people about tea, because this infusion is one of the finer things in life. Starting with how to brew a cup of tea from loose leaves, Bob explained how to taste and enjoy, presenting a collection of his finest teas. He guided the participants through the aromas, allowing each of us to smell eight different teas from sniffing jars. Then he prepared the infusions for sampling.

Our group soon discovered that just like when one purchases a perfume, tastes often differ from one individual to another. Some women preferred a sweet floral tea, while others chose the tart, penetrating flavour of citrus.

It was an evening to get our senses stimulated by new flavours and aromas, while having fun and sharing the experience among friends. We look forward to other fun and interesting programs to come, including Na'amat Winnipeg Movie Nights with guest reviewer, Alison Gillmor.


School Supplies for Kids

In 2005, Na'amat Winnipeg launched its first School Supplies for Kids campaign and gave 150 kits to needy children in two local domestic violence shelters: Osborne House and Ikwe. Both of these shelters see more than 800 school-aged children a year and were in desperate need of our help. Na'amat Winnipeg decided to continue this great project for a second year. The two shelters were very excited to asked partner with Na'amat Winnipeg and were grateful to receiving backpacks again in 2006. Na'amat Winnipeg members feel that contributing to the greater community enables the public to see what Na'amat is all about: our commitment to enhancing the lives of women and children not only in Israel, but here at home as well.

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Our Chapters


We are a group of Jewish women from different backgrounds - new Canadians, veteran immigrants and born Canadians. We meet to have fun, talk, eat (of course!) and have activities to support women and children in Winnipeg and in Israel through Na’amat. We have lots of great activities planned, so please come and join us! Meetings and activities are in English, but we have women who speak Hebrew, Russian and Spanish. Come join us, we’d love to meet you!

Come out and join us.


Na’amat Canada Winnipeg currently offers 3 clubs.

Two clubs, Club Massada and Hatikvah have been meeting for over forty years.