Technological and Agricultural High Schools

Technological High Schools - Giving Troubled Teens A Second Chance

Kanot Youth Village

Na'amat USA published an article in their Winter 2014 edition of Na'amat Women about the Kanot Youth Village, one of the Residentail Boarding Schools run by Na'amat in Israel.  You can read the full article here.

Shlomo's Story:

highschool-1“My name is Shlomo. I am sixteen years old and I study at Na'amat's Technological High School in Hadera. In my opinion, this is the best school. In my old school we were a lot of students and the teacher can't get to anyone. With Na'amat's Technological High School in Hader, there are small classes, they care about all the students, and you can express yourself more. When you study here you feel special because they treat you like you're a part of a family.”

Na'amat educates more than 3,500 students annually in its 20 Technological High Schools, including 10 that are found in the Arab Sector of Israel.

Na’amat Canada has a special relationship with the school in Hadera, known as the “Second Chance School”. It has a reputation for transforming society's so-called “problem teens” into well-adjusted, self-confident achievers.

Althought the school accepts up to 500 students, its average class size is no larger than 17 or 18 students allowing for individualized attention from its dedicated teaching staff. Specialists are also available to diagnose and treat learning disabilities and to help students prepare for life as independent adults.

Hadera’s students are enrolled each year in programmes such as: computer technology and graphics, communications, video and still photography, photo lab technology, jewelry making, hairdressing, cosmetics, and bookkeeping. New career programmes, such as computer engineering, are constantly being added to the curriculum to meet the needs of an ever changing society.

Agricultural Boarding High Schools

highschool-3Kanot and Ayanot are Na'amat's two Residential High Schools. Approximately 300 students attend each facility and about two thirds of them call these rural schools their home.

Students at our Boarding High Schools get both an in-class and a hands-on education. Kanot also offers a new three-year program in police studies that trains students in criminology and prepares them to join the Police Force. A new Veterinary Program is underway at Kanot, giving students the fundamental courses in the sciences as well as laboratory work and the chance to treat animals in veterinary clinics. Ayanot's new Emergency Medical Technician programme will train students in basic medical practices, emergency services and ambulance work, laying the foundation for a career in paramedics.

Along with their daily educational demands, these students are involved in extra-curricular and volunteer programmes. Students visit seniors' residences, help out at hospitals, work with animals and become big sisters or brothers to needy children. As they gain new skills and feel the admiration of others, these young people gain pride in themselves and their hope for the future.