Partners' Programme

Na'amat Canada has made strides in finding creative ways to raise funds. By partnering with the companies listed below, we have created Partner Programmes that enable our supporters to contribute to our organization. When you sign up for one of our Partners’, we both benefit.

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The ECHOage birthday party platform is a NEW, innovative and efficient way to help Na'amat Canada raise funds and awareness by redirecting funds already being spent on presents at birthday parties

Guests are invited to an ECHOage birthday party online. Instead of bringing a wrapped and packaged present to the party, guests simply RSVP and give a secure online contribution. All the contributions from guests are pooled together. Half of the funds collected are sent to the parent hosting the party (by check or by PayPal) and the birthday boy or girl chooses any gift or gifts they want. The other half of the funds collected at the party are sent by ECHOage to the charity the birthday boy or girl has chosen to support.


Shop and Share, is an innovative Canadian website that pairs online shopping with automatic donations to charity.

Before you shop on line, you log onto the ShopandShare site, select Na'amat Canada as your charity of choice and then click through to the hundreds of retailers that will automatically donate a portion of what you spend. You need to start with ShopandShare to begin the purchase. It doesn't cost you a penny, but it certainly helps us!

There are now over 140 online retail stores to choose from and many special deals. Check them out.


The Na'amat-Charitel Phone Plan

Charitel is the telecommunication company that cares. When you subscribe to one of Charitel's long distance phone plans, they will donate 5% of your monthly bill (before taxes) to Na'amat Canada. Charitel can save you money on long distance from home, at the office, and on your cell phone. To sign up, call 1.866.804.3301 or go to and state that Na'amat is your charity of choice.

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