Vancouver's President's Message


I am pleased to be representing Na'amat Galim Vancouver this term. Our club has been committed to supporting Na'amat Israel for nearly 25 years and helping in our own community. The members are women who are active in their own lives with families and careers but have always made time for our programs and fundraisers throughout the years.

I have recently retired from a teaching career and now have more time to devote to this club. This year was wonderful for me because I had the great privilege of joining the International Solidarity Conference in Israel. I got to see first hand some of the programs and centres all over the country that benefit from our hard work at home. I was so impressed by all the staff who spoke to us both formally and informally about their work and the many children and families who are helped every day. We saw teenagers who were happy and proud to speak to us about their success in the Naamat high schools.

Our programming is always a blend of speakers, crafts and activities. Every year, we go on our annual retreat in May to kick back, relax, eat great pot-luck meals and brain storm about next years' programming and fundraisers.

The women of Galim are known in the community for our Purim Hamentashen Bake Sale and now for our Rosh Hashana cakes as well.

This year we held an event honouring 90 years of Na'amat in Canada. We brought in a film called "The Sturgeon Queens " about a New York smoked fish deli. We had a reception following with appetizers which included smoked fish salad that happened to be donated and brought to Vancouver especially for the event.

The Galim Chapter tries to meet every 3 weeks for our activities and we are thrilled to have six new members who have joined our group over the past two years.

We welcome any one who is interested to come to our meetings to see if we are a good fit for you. You won't be sorry!

We hope to encourage younger women in Vancouver to start a new club. Please feel free to contact us for information. We would love to help make this happen!

Karen Rose
President, Na'amat Canada Vancouver