Toronto's President's Message

When I became Toronto President seven weeks ago, I thought I’d have the summer to slowly wade into the water and adjust. Not so! I jumped into the deep-end and have been swimming ever since. It’s a good thing that I like to swim.

I’m very proud to be a member of Na’amat and I take my job as President very seriously. At the moment, I’m caught up in our Emergency Fundraising for our daycare centres in Israel that are under pressure to meet the needs of the children. Funds have been coming in from our sale of Teddy Bears, our Benefit Evening and straight donations.

Our daycare centres are the focal point of our fundraising. From what I’ve seen on my recent trips to Israel and visits to the daycare centres, we have a lot to be proud of. The children are well-cared for by professional caregivers (mitaplot) and incidental learning takes place all the time. Children are encouraged to speak, to play, to sing and to dance. Outdoor activity is part of the day as well as naptime and healthy vegetarian meals. Cleanliness and safety are at the heart of what happens. No wonder most Israelis know about Na’amat daycare centres.

I look forward to the next three years when I can continue swimming in the Na’amat waters and working with the wonderful women who make up this organization.

At this time, I pray for peace in Israel so that we can go back to our day-to-day work making Israel a better and safer place for women, children and families.

Na’amat Canada Toronto Council