Montreal's President's Message


Anita and childBelonging to Na’amat has had a very large impact on my life. I feel that I am part of a family of women who are concerned about, and involved with, supporting the social issues in Israel and Canada. My family has seen four generations involved at Na’amat and it is a labour of love. My life with Na’amat Canada Montreal has been very rewarding. I have made lifelong friends who share in my love for Israel. Your involvement with Na’amat will be the key to our future.

Anita Blanshay


Brenda with bearI have been a member of Na’amat since I was a young mom. I instantly felt “at home” at Na’amat, feeling part of a cause that I could relate to, in the company of dynamic, intelligent, and committed women. I am thrilled that today my daughter, over 25 years later, is now a member of Na’amat as well. My goal as Co-Chairperson is to encourage new membership, for Jewish women of all ages… 20, 30’s, 40’s and beyond! Our strength is our members and friends, and that includes you.

Brenda Fayerman Noodelman


As a relative newcomer to Na’amat I was attracted by its ideals and commitment to advancing the causes of women’s rights and family issues. My story is that we can become a part of Na’amat at any age and at any stage in our lives and have the opportunity to give of ourselves and belong to a meaningful and welcoming organization. We hope you will join us!

Heather Gordon