Calgary's President's Message


If you want to be a part of a sorority, a sisterhood, a club, a family, a network of inspiring women, or even if you just want a girls’ night out – Na’amat Canada Calgary has what you are looking for. Not only are we here to support women, children, and families in Israel and Canada, but our members are also here to support each other.

Once you have officially become a member, you will be invited to join a chapter of women with whom you may share commonalities. Currently, we have two chapters: Yachad for ladies in their 50’s and up and Kalanit for members approximately in their 30’s. We are also keen to start a group with women in their 20’s. If you are not sure if you fit these groups, call because we’d be happy to match you up with a group that will be welcoming and fun!

Chapters typically meet once a month at a member’s home. In this social setting, members may take part in a program such as a guest speaker; games night; craft project; cooking class; pot lucks, movie night or whatever the group decides to plan. Chapters will also take on fundraising projects such as a casino, concert, movie, etc… where the members plan and execute an event to raise money to support Na’amat social services in Israel. Our domestic violence shelter provides a safe refuge and counselling for women and their children, our technological and agricultural schools give a second chance to students who were not able to succeed in the mainstream educational system, and our daycares allow parents to go to work knowing their children are being looked after in a loving and nurturing environment. 

To keep these facilities functioning we need your help. Locally, our School Supplies for Kids program which began in 1998, has enabled more than 17,000 children who have taken refuge in Calgary region domestic violence shelters to receive a gift of a new backpack filled with essential learning supplies. For a child staying in a shelter, this gift offers a bright spot during a dark and difficult time.

We encourage our members to be enthusiastic leaders within the community, but you can take on whatever role you are comfortable with.  All members in good standing receive the national e-newsletter, and the satisfaction that  the work that they do and the funds that are raised are greatly needed and appreciated.

Na’amat Canada, empowering women, children, and families in Israel and Canada for 90 Years.

Won’t you join us?

Warmest wishes,
Susan Inhaber
President, Na'amat Calgary