What is your Passion?

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The National Education Committee of Na’amat is creating a new series called "This is My Passion" to educate others about what we do and to give more women reason to join our wonderful charity! These  stories will be published here on the website, in our newsletters and on Facebook.

Please describe what aspect of belonging to Na'amat or the services Na'amat provides that you are passionate about.Please feel free to submit your own (along with a picture, if you have one) by email.  You can download a pdf to submit them on - or use your own.

Presented at Convention, September 2014

It’s because I know how scary it is to sleep, that I am here for you.

It’s because I know that it feels like there is nowhere safe, that I am here for you.

It’s because there was no one I could talk to, nowhere I could go, that I was trapped, that I am here for you.

It’s because I never lived from a place of joy or could think of a future more than a month, that I am here for you.

It’s because he was a monster, and she never protected me, that I am here for you.

It is because I always felt, sub-human, different and alone, that I am here for you.

I do not belong to Na’amat to give back, I belong to make your life better. I have hope that you will have hopes and dreams and peace when you sleep, because I am here for you.

From the West

N – feeling “Needed”
A – helping “Abused” women & children
A – “Appreciation” of all the facilities that help women, children & families
M – “Making” friends (my chosen sisters)
A – “Agricultural” / Vocational / Technological Schools & Daycare Centres
T – “Training” & “Teaching” others about what we do

Tikkun Olam

Na’amat represents for me a convergence of causes that I support: Zionism, feminism, and social democracy.

First: Zionism. My mother – who escaped Nazi Germany and moved to Israel as a child, by way of Shanghai - is Israeli and always instilled in me the importance of the Jewish state. I visited several times as a child, joined the Habonim Dror movement as a teenager and, lived in Israel for three years as an adult. While I didn’t end up staying there, Israel will always be a part of my life. Na’amat is a wonderful way to stay connected to Israel.

Second: feminism. Na’amat Israel fights for equality, for women in the workforce, for accessible day care, for legal aid to women, and for women with abusive spouses. While much has been gained, Israel still has a long way to go. The cultural backgrounds of some and the overall military mindset have made it difficult for women in Israel to get to a place where that equality is not questioned. Na’amat is perhaps the biggest contributor in Israel toward equality for women.

Third: social democracy. What’s wonderful about Na’amat is that its services are offered to all women and children in Israel, regardless of background or religion. Very often, economic disparity is more of an issue than any other difference, and by offering the same services to all women, that disparity is eased and other differences therefore matter less. At the Jaffa Day Care, for example, Jewish and Arab children come together and learn each other’s languages. One can almost glimpse a world where peace is possible – in a few generations. And that just might be because of Na’amat.

Sharon, Ottawa

Extended Day Cares

I was always aware that Na'amat cared for hundreds of children every day in it's daycares. However there is a particular group of children that Na'amat serves that have unique and special needs. These are children that attend Na'amat's extended hour daycares. These are children who live in particularly challenging circumstances. Some of their parents are affected by addictions and other trying circumstances. From 7 am till 7 pm these children are cared for: they arrive in their pajamas are changed, fed, bathed, and changed back in their pajamas before returning home.

In addition to addressing the physical needs of these children, Na'amat provides a loving, safe and nurturing environment. Na'amat also supports the parents of these children through their counsellors and social workers.

Without the support of Na'amat these families might not have a chance to remain together as a family. But Na'amat would not give up on them and hence they are offered hope and a future.

That is my passion and that is Na'amat.

Sandi, Hamilton

Tikkun Olam 2

I've supported Israel my entire life, so it was no question that I would join my friends in setting u  p a new chapter of Na'amat. My passion for Na'amat soon blossomed from a friendly obligation to a true love for the often overlooked and under appreciated group of women and children in Israel who depend on us. I love spending time with my friends and I am so grateful that my passions meld in the real sense of tikkun olam.

Combating Domestic Violence

Glickman counselling

I'm passionate about Na'amat because of what we do for women who have been abused. Being in an abusive relationship myself at one time I feel for these women that we support. Many women think it's their fault that their spouse or boyfriend or whomever beat them. But in most cases it's the fact that the male is sick. I'm also passionate about Na'amat because of my mom. During my childhood my mother has been an active member in Na'amat. It was her constant thing when things got hard at work or at home with us moving all the time. Seeing my mom’s face when I told her I was joining made me realize how passionate she is about this great Jewish organization and that when I get older I will have the same joy when my daughter tells me that she too joined Na'amat.   Anonymous

Dollars for David / Chanukah Fundraiser


This is a very exciting week for our children and grandchildren because Chanukah begins on Wednesday evening.  They are looking forward to parties at home and at school with treats and special gifts.  Many children in our Na'amat day care centres throughout Israel are not as fortunate. I am passionate about Na'amat's Chanukah Dollars for David Campaign that raises funds to ensure these deserving children also enjoy Chanukah treats. I hope everyone will share my passion and make Chanukah brighter for Israeli children.   Janis, Toronto

The Na’amat Canada Glickman Centre for Family Violence Prevention

IMGP9471 Glickman

I am lucky because I have been happily married to a loving man for over 27 years. I am also surrounded by a caring and supportive family.

Sadly, this is not true for everyone. Many women, maybe even someone you know, suffer various forms of abuse on a daily basis. In Israel, just as in Canada, domestic abuse knows no boundaries- rich or poor, educated or not, young or old, Jewish or not. Fortunately for some of these women, Na’amat runs the Na’amat Canada Glickman Centre for the Prevention of Violence. Here women and families are given the chance to rebuild their lives although hundreds of women are turned away each year because there is no room to accommodate them at Glickman. Helping Na’amat help more women in need- that’s my passion.

Susan, Calgary

Adopt-a Child


For me, Holocaust Week is a time to remember the destruction of my whole family and especially my sister who at the age of 4 was torn out of my mother’s hands and sent to her death. My mother supported Na'amat Adopt-a-Child (since 1974) until the day she died because she hoped that this would improve the lives of little children and that they would not suffer as our past generations have.

Join me and donate to this important cause.

My passion is to better the lives of little children and continue the important work Na’amat does.

Judy, Toronto

Shalom Day Care Centre

DSCN1758 Shalom day care

When I was on the Na’amat Leadership trip to Israel, I visited the Shalom Daycare in Jaffa, a Jewish-Arab daycare run by Na’amat. Children learn both Hebrew and Arabic, and celebrate Jewish and Muslim holidays. The daycare workers are Jewish and Arab. Here, in this daycare, is a future so wonderful that we don’t dare dream of it. Here is peaceful co-existence, understanding of The Other, friendship and love. This is Na’amat. And this is my passion.

Sharon, Ottawa