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You can become a member of Na'amat Canada!

Whatever phase of life you belong to, there's a group for you.

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Whatever phase of womanhood you may be in:
Brucha Haba’a – welcome home.

Why become a member?

member1If you want to be a part of a sorority, a sisterhood, a club, a family, a network of inspiring women, or even if you just want a girl's night out – Na'amat Canada has what you are looking for. Not only are we here to support Israel, but our members are also here to support each other. Here's what some of our current members have to say about why they joined a local Na'amat chapter:

“I want to make a difference”

"My mother is a member and I want to continue the tradition"

"I'm new to the city and I'm looking to make some friends"

"I want to be involved in giving back to the community and helping Israel"

"I loved going to Na'amat events and I wanted to help out"

"I wanted to make a connection with other women like me"

What do our members do?

Once you join, you will have some choices. If the city in which you live has several chapters, you will be directed to those to which you have the most in common.  Factors such as age, area you live in, marital status etc… will determine which group(s) best fits you. In smaller cities, you may have limited choices. Chapters typically meet once or twice a month rotating at various members’ homes. In this social setting, members may take part in a program such as a guest speaker; games night; craft project; cooking class; makeover night or whatever the group decides to plan. Chapters will also take on fundraising projects such as bingos, raffles, concerts, luncheons, etc… where the members plan and execute an event to raise money to support Na'amat social services in Israel. We encourage our members to be enthusiastic leaders within the community, but you can take on whatever role you are comfortable with: a National Board member, a project chairperson, a chapter president, a committee rep or simply a loyal participant. ALL roles are important, needed and very much appreciated!!!


As a member in good standing, you are entitled to receive a downloadable copy of our current Fundraising Resource Book or a copy of the Board Member Handbook. To arrange for this, please contact your local Contact info listed below:

Na’amat Canada (National)
212 - 5555 Westminster Ave.
Montreal, Quebec H4W 2J2
Phone: 514-488-0792
Fax: 514-487-6727
Toll Free: 1-888-278-0792

Na’amat Montreal (Quebec)
Web :

Na’amat Toronto (Ontario)

Na’amat Ottawa (Ontario)

Na’amat Windsor (Ontario)

Na’amat Hamilton (Ontario)

Na’amat Winnipeg (Manitoba)

Na’amat Calgary (Alberta)

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Na’amat Vancouver (British Columbia)

Lifetime Membership

For those members who want to express their substantial commitment to Na'amat Canada, Lifetime Membership is right for you. Many of us hold a special place in our hearts for Na'amat and all that our organization stands for. Lifetime Membership is a wonderful and worthwhile investment for many reasons. It enables you to:

  • Show your membership pride in a profound way
  • Be part of an inner circle of Na'amat members in Canada and around the world
  • Express your life-long commitment to ensuring the future of our organization
  • Demonstrate your devotion to enhancing the lives of women and children in Canada and Israel

Lifetime Membership is a one-time payment of $400.00 plus a minimal annual administration fee. (Please note that these membership fees do not include local fees. A representative from your city will send you a statement regarding your total membership fee.)

Lifetime Membership also makes a wonderful gift for a daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, niece, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, or friend. To become a Lifetime Member, please fill out the online Membership Form at the top of the page, or download the form in Word or PDF format. For more information about becoming a Lifetime Member, contact our National Membership Committee Chairperson, Brenda Fayerman at