University Perpetual Scholarships

Na'amat's Perpetual Scholarship programme awards nearly 200 university scholarships to Israeli women each year. By doing so, these women of merit gain the opportunity to attend institutions of higher learning and complete their Bachelor and Master degrees. The criteria for selection ensure that qualifying women from all of Israel's social circles are fairly represented. Na'amat scholarships offer recipients opportunities to develop the skills and education they need to escape poverty, enter promising careers and make their mark on Israeli society. We believe that through this important programme, we contribute to the advancement and empowerment of a future generation of women.

University Research Grants

Na'amat also offers awards for annual research grants that help women pursue their PhDs in the fields of women’s status and gender studies.

Meytal's Story:

scholarship1My name is Meytal and thanks to Na'amat, I have a university degree in Electrical Engineering. I chose this field of study for many reasons, but as a woman in Israel, I wanted to have a practical degree that would enable me to exercise my rights and independence. I still remember the first day of my studies: I entered the classroom and took my seat. As I got myself organized, I glanced around the classroom to see how many young women decided to join me in this learning experience. To my surprise, I discovered that I was the only woman in the class. All eyes were on me wondering, why was I there? I want to thank Na'amat very much for the scholarship, the support, and the knowledge that I am not alone—that there is hope for women in our country.

Karina's Story:

Being a woman in science you are constantly out-numbered by and surrounded by men, and so it is both lovely and an honor to receive this prestigious prize. I would like deeply to thank the foundation for recognizing my research and the contribution of women in scientific research.

As a mother of three young children, I appreciate more and more how difficult it can be to balance home life with career in science.

I conduct research in the field of microbiology, focusing on searching for novel alternatives to combat pathogenic bacteria. The efficiency of conventional antibiotics to battle bacterial infection decreased dramatically in the last century due to the development of resistance. Infections that develop into chronic conditions are a fast-growing problem in the developed world.  One factor that adds to the said failure to combat bacteria with conventional antibiotic drugs can be attributed to the formation of bacterial biofilms. This acute problem generated a novel approach of treatment - an interruption of bacterial communication, which regulates specific virulent phenotypes.

Rina's Story:

My name is Rina.  I am 21 years old and I live in Kfar G’at Haglilit, a small Druze village in the north of Israel. I am part of an educated and modest family made up of seven members. My father works as the manager of the water Department in our Community Council, and my mother works in a factory. They are responsible for the economic support of our family. They managed to overcome the many difficulties they face, thanks to their determination and their strong volition, and consequently, they represent a personal example for me in life. I am their second daughter. My elder sister studies in the Department of Biomedical engineering at the Technion. I have a sister in High School, a sister in eighth grade and a brother in fourth grade. I studied in a Druze High school for Sciences and Leadership.  

After High School I studied at the Technion, a prestigious educational institution that offers high level studies and a quality framework. This institution is an optimal place for me to realize my full potential and to make my dream come true. At present I am a regular student at the Department of Biology. During my studies I was considered an outstanding student, and I was consequently granted an Honors diploma by the Dean of studies:  my semester average stands at 94.

Biology is a main area of interest to me, and it constitutes a strong base in order to continue my Medicine studies in the future. At present I am in the process of undergoing entrance examinations for Medicine, and it is my hope to be able to become a regular student at the Faculty of Medicine even this current year.  Medicine is the profession that best matches my way of life, and my dream is to become an outstanding student, to become an exemplary doctor, and to be able to give the best of me.

My work as a volunteer at the National Civil Service was a very significant time in my life. During that period I worked as a teacher and a trainer in road safety, on behalf of the National Road Safety Authority. I worked at different educational and communal institutions, in areas devoted to providing useful information and increasing public awareness.  My voluntary service represented a chance for me to implement the principles and values that serve as guiding lines for my life. It has also helped me increase my inner love for voluntary work, and it has allowed me to become an active and influencing factor in society.

With my deepest love and most profound appreciation, on my behalf and on behalf of the rest of the women to whom scholarships are granted today,  I want to thank NA’AMAT, this humanitarian and responsive institution, for having made it possible for many women to prove their identities, and to integrate successfully into society.

This global project so widely recognized, is of high importance all over the world. NA’AMAT has served as a supportive and encouraging framework in many different ways. I feel happy and proud to be able to say: Thank you NA’AMAT for helping me move forwards towards my dream. I am fully committed to the urgency, continuity and significance of this moral mission.