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Galia Wolloch

Israeli television viewers got to meet some of the everyday superstars who keep NA’AMAT’s school and day care programs running through a recent episode of the reality show Undercover Boss featuring NA’AMAT president, Galia Wolloch.  Click here to read more. To watch the episode in Hebrew, click here.

For a recent interview that Galia had with Na'amat USA, click here.


Shirli Shavit

Shirli Shavit is the Director of the International Department of NA’AMAT, a position she has held for 17 years. As such, she serves as the lynchpin connecting NA’AMAT Israel with its sister organizations around the world. She has a  passion for women and Israel.  Click here to read an interview with her.

Orly Bitty

Orly Bitty oversees the organization’s multicultural and young generation programs.  She is a lawyer specializing in labor law and collective agreements. 
"I am interested mainly in three issues. The first is peace. For many years, I have been involved in the Peace Now Movement and the Labor Party. I am also anxious to promote a shared society of Arabs and Jews. Peace and a shared society go together.  Secondly, I work to promote unionism, collective agreements, workers’ rights and equality in the workplace. Third, I am interested in feminism and women’s issues. Of course feminism is part of the first two points."

Click here to read the full article originally published in Na'amat USA.

A Trigger for Trauma

An article in the June 4, 2015 issue of USA Today describes the experience of Israeli children in a Na'amat Daycare (Baka in Jerusalem)  during an air raid drill.  The article describes the experience in this particular daycare as well as the traumatic experience in general.  Read the full article online or downlaod the  pdf.

Hagit Pe’er

Hagit Pe’er is the chairperson of NA’AMAT in the Negev Region. She oversees 14 day care centers, two targeting at-risk youth, as well as a women’s rights center that provides legal counseling and other services to more than 1,300 women and families each year. Click here to read more

Nadera Tannous

Nadera Tannous is the director of the NA’AMAT Technological School in Nazareth that helps Israeli Arab girls. Click here to read more