Daycare Centres

Na'amat Delivers Quality Child Care

daycare-4As the largest provider of childcare services in Israel, Na’amat operates 200 Daycare Centres throughout the country and cares for over 15,000 infants and toddlers from ages 3 months to 3 years.  The Centres are in large cities, frontier settlements, development towns, agricultural settlements and Arab villages.  The existence of the Na’amat Daycare centres makes it possible for working mothers to remain in their jobs even when their children are very young.

Personalized Education

Innovative programming emphasizes individual attention as well as group activities. Curiosity and a love of learning are developed as boys and girls are encouraged to play and explore. Teachers are attentive, nurturing, and watchful for possible learning disabilities. Above all, our facilities provide a warm, secure and homelike atmosphere where youngsters can have fun!.

daycare-2Extended Hours

Na’amat understands that many of our children find themselves at risk in their family environment because of the socio-economic hardships.  In a warm and secure environment, individual attention is given to orphans and to children who have been abused, traumatized by terrorism or have come from homes afflicted by poverty or other difficult family situations.    Because of this unfortunate reality, 22 Na’amat extended service daycares run from 7:00am to 7:00pm to allow up to 2000 children to spend their waking hours in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Accessible to All

Wherever childcare is needed, Na'amat is there to provide it. Our facilities are located in remote towns as well as well-established cities; either close to or inside the parental workplace. Our centres welcome all Israeli children. In order for these services to be accessible to all, tuition for Na'amat childcare services is on a sliding scale, based on the family's ability to pay.