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Na'amat Canada Turns 90

Na'amat Canada Toronto

Na'amat Canada Toronto held a Gala on Sunday, May 31, 2015 to celebrate turning 90 and to honour members of Club Kinnereth and Masada on their 70th Anniversary and Club Beersheba on their 60th Anniversary.  Check out pictures from the event.

An article in the CJN featured Bess Plosker and Pearl Mekler talking about the many ways Na'amat has fulfilled their lives as two of the members of Club Masada.  To read the full article, click here.

Bess Plosker, Norma Barkin and Pearl Mekle were featured on the Zoomer Radio show just before this event.  You can listen to it here, starting at time point 10:54.

In addition, the Toronto Edition of the Jewish Standard covered the event.

Na'amat Canada Vancouver

On Sunday, June 7, 2015 at  1:30 PM,  Na'amat Canada Vancouver  celebrated 90 years of Na’amat Canada by seeing the film Sturgeon Queens and enjoying Live Music, Food & Door Prizes after the film at the Peretz Centre. To see pictures from this event, click here.

Ottawa Jewish Telephone Directory

Did you know that the Ottawa Jewish Telephone Directory reached a major milestone with this week's release of its 2015 edition? The OJTD is 65!  It was honoured with a special exhibit at the Ottawa Jewish Archives.

It all began in 1950 when Mrs. Rose Baylin returned to Ottawa from a trip to New York and brought with her a book which caught her attention during her travels – a New York Jewish Telephone Directory.

Mrs. Baylin presented the book and the idea of creating a similar publication to serve Ottawa’s Jewish Community to her friends and colleagues. She was met with great enthusiasm and in short order a committee was established by Harry and Sylvia Shinder to oversee this seminal project and Mrs. Sonia Viner was named the project’s first Chairman. Mrs. Baylin handed over creative control of the Directory Project to Mrs. Viner with the understanding that the project be shared by the city's Labour Zionist Council and the Ottawa branch of the Labor Zionist's women's organization, the Pioneer Women (the forerunner of Na’Amat Canada).

The purpose of the Directory was twofold – firstly, to facilitate community connections and to serve as a reference for every Jewish home, and secondly, to serve as a fundraising project in order to provide material assistance to Jewish organizations, interest groups, and worthy causes both in Canada and Israel. With its first printing in 1951, Ottawa became the first Canadian city to produce a Jewish Telephone Directory.

So why is the Directory important to the Archive you ask? . . . Aren't they just just a bunch of old phone books? At first glance that may be how it seems, but they’re actually really fascinating artifacts!

Telephone directories are invaluable resources for researchers, historians, and genealogists as they contain detailed information about people, businesses, institutions, buildings, and ultimately the growth of communities. A city or community directory can help you locate where a person or family lived or where a business or institution operated in a specific place and time. They can also indicate when and where a person, family, or business moved.

Because a new edition of the Ottawa Jewish Telephone Directory is made each year, this collection of directories truly documents the growth, development, and progress of the Ottawa Jewish community.

As well, directories are full of wonderful advertisements and illustrations that provide fascinating insights into the social norms, fashions, and attitudes prevailing when they were produced.

To mark the OJTD's 65th anniversary the Ottawa Jewish Archives has mounted a small display in the Archive's display case on the second floor of the Soloway JCC. Be sure to come by during your next visit to learn more about the story behind this very distinguished little coil bound book!

Na'amat International Solidarity Conference

Na'amat Canada participated in an International Solidarity Conference in February 2015.  Read the article published in the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin on April 27, 2015.

To watch a video of the highlights from the conference, click here.


International Women's Day

This year for International Women's Day on March 8, 2015, Na'amat Canada Toronto had a very successful event in conjunction with Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Women's Intercultural Network (WIN) and Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims. It was titled We Will Make it Happen.

The Honourable Mobina S. Jaffer was honoured at the event, and spoke in the senate the following week.

In addition, the event was highlighted in the CJN


JF & CS 2014 Drive for Dreidels

A thank-you note was received by Na'amat Canada Toronto for their donation to the 2014 JF & CS Drive for Dreidel CAmpaign.