President's Message



As we celebrate the 90th anniversary of Na’amat Canada, there has been a lot of reflection on our impressive past – there have been special events in almost every city. And as we continue to celebrate our 90th anniversary, I am also happy to report that there is equal thought been given to looking to ahead and planning for a strong and vibrant future. 

The National Board of Na’amat Canada has developed a plan to guide the work of the organization over the next 2 years.  The plan sets out challenging goals for Na’amat Canada and each of the Board committees, and each of the cities that we hope will serve to lay the groundwork for a strong future.  The three committees of the National Board are contributing to looking ahead and planning for a strong future. The National Education Committee is already looking ahead to the one hundredth anniversary of Na’amat with a special project. They aim to start now with recording our long time members so that we retain our memories and hear our dedicated and devoted long-time members about what inspires them about Na’amat.

The National Membership Committee is focused on leadership development and developing young members, with goals to increase the number of members under age 35, and start up new clubs in various cities. And, the National Fundraising Committee is also working to secure the future of Na’amat Canada by working to develop and improve the image of Na’amat Canada on social media which will hopefully contribute to expanding our reach and educating more people about our mission and the breadth of our impressive activities.

Moreover, at our last board meeting in May 2015, the Board passed a motion that each city will strive to increase its quota revenues by 10%. With this goal we aim to raise more funds to secure our future and to maintain a high level of support for programs and services in Israel.  This is a very optimistic and challenging prospect for many of us, however I am confident that if we work together to implement the goals of each of the committees, and renew our efforts at the local levels with our projects and events, that we can achieve this goal to increase our revenues by 10%.

Along with efforts to increase revenues, the Board has been working very hard to make sure that our expenses are as tight as possible.  We continue  to carefully look at ways to decrease costs in order to ensure that our organization’s expenses are in- line with our revenues, and that we are able to continue to transmit funds to Na’amat Israel on an annual basis to support the work of the organization. I am happy to report that in June the National and Montreal offices moved into a new shared space.  This has resulted in decreased rent for both the National and Montreal offices, and due to some new shared services, overhead costs have been decreased further.  We will continue to strive to find ways to keep expenses in check.

Sarah Beutel