Organizational Structure

National Board

Who is on the Board?

As Na’amat Canada is a member-driven organization. The Board  is comprised of volunteers, representing the membership from across the country. Na’amat Canada staff are also included on the Board, but they are ex-officio and thus have no voting privileges.

Who attends Board Meetings:


Non Voting Staff and Volunteer Advisors

  • National President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Past National President
  • National Vice President
  • NAtional Financial Secretary
  • Organizational Development Officer (Ex-Officio)
  • Membership Committee Chair
  • Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Education Committee Chair
  • Council Presidents and Representatives from Non-Council Cities
  • Executive Vice President
  • Toronto Fundraising and Development Officer
  • Toronto Office Administrator
  • Montreal Fundraising Manager
  • Western Membership Coordinators
  • Organization Development Advisor
  • Online Communication Advisor

Out of these Board Members, the following group makes up the Na’amat Canada Executive:

National Executive:

  • National President
  • National Immediate Past President
  • National Vice President *
  • National Financial Secretary
  • Two Additional Members serving as National Membership, Education or Fundraising Committee Chairs

* National Vice President holds one of the Committee Chairs

**Select staff members are sometimes invited to attend National Executive meetings, but do not officially sit on the Executive.