Na'amat Canada at 90

Na’amat  90 Years: Still going strong

Na’amat Canada, a Jewish women’s volunteer-driven charitable organization with deep roots in the Labour Zionist movement of former Israeli prime ministers David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir, is celebrating  its 90th anniversary in Canada this year.

“I felt I had a part to play in the dream and building of a homeland for the Jewish people,” says Pearl Mekler, 92, as to why she joined Na’amat as a young bride in 1945.

Pearl counts herself as the seventh original member of Club Masada, one of Canada’s oldest chapters, which marks its 70th anniversary this year.

Over its 90-year history, Na’amat Canada has raised millions of dollars to build and maintain daycare centres and shelters in Israel, promoting women’s rights and providing women and children of all religions safe harbour and legal and social services. One of its programs, Adopt-a-Child, supports more than 18,000 children in more than 230 daycare centres in Israel every day. More than $750,000 has been raised for a new daycare centre that is scheduled to open in the fall of this year in Karmiel, Israel.

About 366,000 women belong to Na’amat worldwide, with some 800 women in seven cities across Canada. The organization had been known as Pioneer Women, but changed its name in 1987 to Na’amat, a Hebrew acronym which stands for “Movement of Working Women and Volunteers.”

Many of today’s members have Na’amat in their genes, says Gerry Anklewicz, president of Na’amat Canada Toronto.  “There is a stream of women that goes from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter. That fluidity says something about our strong beliefs in what we’re doing,” says Gerry.

Many long-time members have praised Na’amat for its fundraising efforts and social justice, an organization that has become a way of life for them socially, educationally and emotionally.

Na’amat Canada’s top priority is to empower women in the family, workplace and society.  We achieve these goals by providing support services, such as daycares, legal aid clinics, shelters and women's rights centres, as well as offering specific training opportunities, like our university scholarship programs and technological and agricultural high schools.  All of our centres and programs are demographically inclusive.


Na'amat Galim Vancouver's 90th celebration

114 people attended our very successful and fun event on Sunday afternoon June 7th. 

We showed the adorable film The Sturgeon Queens about the Jewish deli 'Russ and Daughters' in New York's Lower East Side. 

We served a beautiful appetizer and pastry reception all prepared by our members along with smoked whitefish salad that Russ and Daughters generously donated. 

We had great door prizes including original paintings by Vancouver artists, one of the paintings was by one of our members Lauren Morris. A 50/50 that raised $280. The winner generously  donated his portion back. 

During the reception we had Fabulous freilach live music by Local very talented musicians - Harriet Frost, Charles Kaplan and Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan. 

We are very pleased with a successful day. We've had requests to do this again!  Toc ckeck out some pictures, click here.

Na'amat Canada Toronto celebrates over 2000 Volunteer Hours

Na'amat Canada Toronto held a Gala on Sunday, May 31, 2015 to celebrate turning 90 and to honour members of Club Kinnereth and Masada on their 70th Anniversary and Club Beersheba on their 60th Anniversary.  Check out pictures from the event.

An article in the CJN featured Bess Plosker and Pearl Mekler talking about the many ways Na'amat has fulfilled their lives as two of the members of Club Masada.  To read the full article, click here.

Bess Plosker, Norma Barkin and Pearl Mekle were featured on the Zoomer Radio show just before this event.  You can listen to it here, starting at time point 10:54.

In addition, the Toronto Edition of the Jewish Standard covered the event.  The Jewish Standard is online, check out page 14.